We receive many of the same questions every day. We have tried to answer the ones we hear most often. Any suggestions or additional questions to include are appreciated.

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How much will my cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning varies greatly and is dependent on numerous factors including how well you clean your teeth at home, how much you smoke, drink tea, coffee and other staining foods and drinks.

How much will my filling cost?

The cost of repairing a tooth is dependent on the size of the filling, the material used and other items that may be required such as posts.

Why can’t you guarantee how much will my insurance pay?

Dental insurance is a valuable method of offsetting the costs associated with dental care. Unfortunately, dental plans are based on a contract drawn up between your employer and your insurance company and do not take into account your individual dental needs.

There are thousands of dental plans available. Our staff members do not have access to the particulars of your insurance plan. Although we do our best to provide you with estimates based on our past experience we can never guarantee what your final cost will be.

The Privacy Act prevents us from accessing information about your plan directly. We rely on you for all information regarding your policy. We make note of specific limitations on your plan where possible however insurance clauses and limits change frequently and without notice.

Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?

Crowns are required when a tooth is either extremely broken down or there is so little tooth left that there isn’t enough structure to which we can attach a filling. Crowns also help hold a tooth together that is cracked, weakened or otherwise compromised and needs to be covered to protect it from breaking further.

I think my crown was poorly made, otherwise, why would it have fallen off?

Crowns can fall off for many reasons. With proper oral hygiene a crown can last for many years and protect your tooth well. There is a microscopic space between the edge of the crown and your tooth which needs to be kept clean. If decay begins under or around the crown the foundation will be unable to support the crown anymore and it will fail.

Why can’t you put my crown back on now that it has fallen off?

Usually crowns loosen and fall off because a cavity has developed underneath it. Once the crown has fallen off and we have removed the decay the shape of the inside of the crown is not the same as the shape of the tooth meaning the crown will no longer fit.

Why put a filling in a child’s tooth when it’s just going to fall out?

Baby teeth are extremely important to the proper growth of adult teeth. A baby tooth that has a cavity can damage the adult tooth developing under the gums causing it to be discoloured or malformed. Badly decayed baby teeth need to be taken out to prevent this kind of damage. Restoring baby teeth with fillings not only keeps your child’s tooth healthy and strong it holds the space for the adult tooth and prevents toothaches.

Why won’t my toothache go away on its own?

Toothaches rarely go away on their own. Most toothaches are an indication of something serious happening in your mouth that needs to be addressed. Infections, broken teeth and lost fillings are the most common causes of toothaches.

If my tooth doesn’t hurt, how can it have a cavity?

A cavity is not likely to start hurting until it is quite large. The larger the cavity becomes the more expensive it is to repair and the more likely it will start to hurt and require more extensive treatment. Regular examinations and timely restorations prevent cavities from growing beyond a manageable state.

Why do my wisdom teeth need to come out if I can’t feel them?

When we take an xray of your entire jaw we can see the location and position of your wisdom teeth in relation to not only your teeth but also the nerves in your jaw. If the doctor can see that your wisdom teeth are pushing against other teeth, causing gum inflammation or creating a cyst you may be recommended to remove the teeth to prevent further and more complex issues.